The World Robotics Sailing Championship (WRSC) and The International Robotic Sailing Conference (IRSC) is the world largest fully autonomous sailing robot event which is a spinoff competition from the Microtransat challenge, a trans Atlantic race for autonomous sailing robots.

The competition is open to wind-powered unmanned surface vehicles up to 4 metres long. The conference provides researchers with the opportunity to present and exchange ideas on their work. The WRSC is intended to promote the development of autonomous wind propelled sailing robots, through a series of short distance races, navigation and autonomy challenges. Many teams who take part in the Microtransat (or who plan to) also attend the WRSC. The accompanying IRSC (International Robotic Sailing Conference) provides researchers working on problems related to autonomous sailing the chance to exchange ideas during a scientific conference. So far the WRSC has been through 12 years.

WRSC will be organized in 4 challenges: fleet race, station keeping, area scanning and obstacle avoidance. You need to master robotic navigation, positioning, trajectory planning and other technologies to challenge them.


• The 11th WRSC and IRSC was held in Sounthampton, UK. As first time participants, our team ZMART won the 3rd place of WRSC 2018 Micro-sailiboat class.

• The 12th WRSC and IRSC was held in Ningbo, China. Our team ZMART won the 1st place of WRSC 2019.