Robotics Projects

State Estimation

Introduction Visual odometry has made tremendous progress since Mars Exploration Rovers was exploited, but studies focus less on the platform itself. In order to make the state estimation better applied, we focus on details about the dynamical modeling of quadrotors […]

Deep Robotic Learning

Introduction Deep learning and reinforcement learning are bringing changes into robotics. In IARC challenge, we designed a hierarchical decision and control for a continuous multi-target problem: policy evaluation with action delay. We further proposed Time-in-Action reinforcement learning, mapping the state-action […]

Fast Motion Planning

Introduction High-speed autonomous navigation with micro aerial vehicles (MAVs) operating in unknown dynamic environments requires the vehicles to be capable of quick replans to avoid potential obstacles. The high operating speed, the short sensing range and the unknown dynamic environments […]

Autonomous Aerial Swarms

Introduction The agility of quadrotors enables this machine to perform single-agent autonomous navigation in unknown environments and multi-agent precise formation control in open or known fields. However, few works combine both of them to present any real-world system which is […]

Trajectory Generation

Introduction AM-Traj: A waypoint-based trajectory generator. This project proposes a framework for large-scale waypoint-based trajectory generation, with highlights on its superior computational efficiency and simultaneous spatial-temporal optimality. Exploiting the implicitly decoupled structure of the problem, we conduct alternating minimization between […]

Robust Flight Control

Introduction In recent years, the evolution of quadrotor online planning makes drones fly out of laboratories and appear in numerous real-world applications. In this area, traditional gradient-based planners rely on a pre-built ESDF map to evaluate the risk of collision. […]

Aerial Applications

Introduction We present systematic solutions to some aerial applications with the integration of our algorithmic researches, including state estimation, onboard mapping, optimal trajectory generation and robust control. Here we introduce the aerial agile tracking as an instance. In Fast-Tracker,  we […]