Observation and motion reconstruction of flapping flight

This project mainly studies on the observation and motion parameters reconstruction of flapping flight, the stability analysis of insects hovering, and the flapping mechanisms design for the PIV experiments, aiming to improve the existing hull reconstruction and pose estimation algorithms, propose the analysis method of insect hovering under the active control under varying flapping frequency, and design flapping mechanisms with multiple freedoms for PIV experiments to implement more fined motion. As for hull reconstruction and pose estimation, the project reconstruct the hull of insect under the assumption that the insect body is rigid and its section is elliptical with the data of body radius, centerline and the wing outline. As for the experimental flapping motion system design, this project analyzes the design principles and keeps the Reynolds number and Strouhal number same in the real and experimental environment respectively, and describes how to the design bee-like and dragonfly-like flapping mechanisms and how the mechanisms are driven.
1.Y. Huang, J. Liang and C. Xu. Sability of the flapping-wing vehicle near hovering under active control by varying flapping frequency [C]. The Chinese Congress of Automation 2017, Jinan, Shandong, China, October 21-22, 2017.