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Zhuxiu Xu(徐竹修)

Visiting Students Zhuxiu Xu(徐竹修)   Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Research Interest: Autonomous Navigation; Path Planing

Hao Wei (魏浩)

Research Assisstants Wei Hao(魏浩) October 2023 – Present Research Interest: SLAM

Donglai Xue (薛东来)

Research Assisstants Donglai Xue (薛东来) September 2023 – Present Research Interest: Autonomous Systems, Robotic Navigation, Multi-sensor Fusion

Bingyuan Zhu (朱炳源)

Research Assisstants Bingyuan Zhu(朱炳源)   June 2024-Present Research Interest: Biomimetic Structure

Shuhang Ji (季书航)

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Shuhang Ji (季书航) May 2024 – Present Undergraduate  in College of Control Sciense and Engineering, Zhejiang University Interests: Autonomous Systems and Control

Zetao Cai(蔡泽涛)

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Zetao Cai(蔡泽涛) May 2024 – Present Undergraduate in Automation, Zhejiang University Interests: RL and Motion planning

Hongming Chen(陈鸿铭)

Research Assisstants hongming chen(陈鸿铭)   April 2024-present Research Interest:Motion Planning , Aerial Manipulator

Ang Li(李昂)

Visiting Students Ang Li(李昂)   PhD Candidate in Aircraft Design, Beihang University. BE in Aircraft Design and Engineering, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2018. Research Interest: Aerial Swarm, Motion Planning.