Introduction to ZMART


ZMART is the abbreviation for the Zhejiang University Micro-Aerial Robotics Team, majorly for the International Aerial Robotics Competition in the Asia-Pacific Venue. ZMART won the Best System Design Award (2015 in Beihang University) and the First Prize Award (2016&2017 in Beihang University).

On August 27, 2018, assessed by the international Aerial Robot Competition (IARC) committee, ZMART won champion of mission 7 of IARC and won the prize of US $20000. Zhejiang University became the seventh world champion of IARC after Stanford University (1995), Carnegie Mellon University (1997), Berlin University of Technology (2000), Georgia Institute of Technology (2008), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2009) and Tsinghua University (2013).  More information please refer to the link.

In 2018, the 11th WRSC and IRSC was held in Sounthampton, UK. As first time participants, our team ZMART won the 3rd place of WRSC 2018 Micro-sailiboat class.

In 2019, the 12th WRSC and IRSC was held in Ningbo, China. Our team ZMART won the 1st place of WRSC 2019.  In the same year, ZMART won the 2nd place of DJI RoboMaster AI Challenge, with $15,000 prize.


Research Area

Dynamics and Control: Design and Modelling, Disturbance Control, Trajectory Generation, Formation

Environment Sensing: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Detection and Tracking, Visual Odometry, SLAM


Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Human in the Loop, Situation Awareness

ZMART featured in media


ZMART Performance video

2016: 2016 IARC Official Results

2016: 2016 IARC Performance Collection – ZMART

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