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Supplementary Material: Geometrically Constrained Trajectory Optimization for Multicopters

Author Zhepei Wang, Xin Zhou, Chao Xu and Fei Gao Source code (to be released) of the proposed framework: https://github.com/ZJU-FAST-Lab/GCOPTER Task-specified Experiments and Simulations: 1. Robust Real-Time SE(3) Planning: youtube or bilibili. (Reported by IEEE Spectrum Website!)   2. Multicopter Swarms Planning: youtube or bilibili. (Also Reported by IEEE Spectrum Website!)   3. Long-Distance Drone Racing Planning: youtube or bilibili. (Published in IEEE RA-L)   4. Gaze Teleoperation Planning: youtube or bilibili.   5. Formation Keeping Planning: youtube or bilibili.   6.  A variety of applications powered by GCOPTER or MINCO are not listed here, such as: visibility-aware aerial tracking or planning with nonlinear drag effects.