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Guangyu Zhao(赵广宇)

Master Candidate Guangyu Zhao(赵广宇) November 2022 – Present Be in Institute of College of Control Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University Interests:RL, Planning, Flight Controller

Jiacheng Li (李家成)

Undergraduate Student Jiacheng Li (李家成) September 2023 – Present BE in Automation, Hangzhou Dianzi University, 2023 and in Automation and Control Engineering, ITMO, 2023 Interests: Locomotion and Multi-robot Systems

Nanhe Chen (陈楠禾)

MPhil Student Nanhe Chen(陈楠禾) Master Candidate BE in Robotics Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2023 Interests: Motion Planning

Long Xu (徐隆)

Master Candidate Long Xu (徐隆) September 2022 – Present Be in Automation, Zhejiang University Interests: Robot Learning, Motion Planning

Zhehan Li (李哲晗)

MPhil Student Zhehan Li(李哲晗) Master Candidate BE in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering & Automation, Zhejiang University, 2022 Interests: Perceiving, Modeling and Localizing in Robotics

Xiufeng Zhu (朱秀锋)

MPhil Student Xiufeng Zhu(朱秀锋) Master Candidate BE in Computer Science and Technology, Civil Aviation University of China, 2018 Interests: 3D Pointcloud Detection

Xinwei Chen (陈鑫炜)

MPhil Student Xinwei Chen(陈鑫炜) Master Candidate BE in Measurement & Control Technology and Instrument, Dalian Maritime University, 2021 Interests: Autonomous Navigation

Jingjing Li (李晶晶)

MPhil Students Jingjing Li (李晶晶) Master Candidate, ZJU College of Engineer (Base Ningbo) BE in Mechatronic Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2019 BE in Detection, Guidance and Control Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2021

Yuze Wu (吴钰泽)

MPhil Students Yuze Wu (吴钰泽) Master Candidate, ZJU College of Engineer (Base Ningbo) BE in Automation, Zhejiang University, 2021 Interest: variable structure UAV, flight control

Wen Xiangyong (温向勇)

MPhil Students Wen Xiangyong (温向勇) Master Candidate BE in Mechatronics Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, 2018 Interest: Motion Planning; Autonomous Navigation