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Jiacheng Li (李家成)

Undergraduate Student Jiacheng Li (李家成) September 2023 – Present BE in Automation, Hangzhou Dianzi University, 2023 and in Automation and Control Engineering, ITMO, 2023 Interests: Locomotion and Multi-robot Systems

Nanhe Chen (陈楠禾)

MPhil Student Nanhe Chen(陈楠禾) Master Candidate BE in Robotics Engineering, Zhejiang University, 2023 Interests: Motion Planning

Long Xu (徐隆)

Master Candidate Long Xu (徐隆) September 2022 – Present Undergraduate study in Automation, Zhejiang University Interests: Robot Learning, Motion Planning

Miao Xu (徐淼)

Undergraduate Student Miao Xu (徐淼) May 2023 – Present Undergraduate in Automation, Hangzhou Dianzi University Interests: Motion Planning and Control

Yi Liang(梁奕)

RESEARCH ASSISSTANTS Yi Liang(梁奕)   For Business; Collaboration; Consulting Contact:

Kaixin Chai(柴凯昕)

RESEARCH ASSISSTANTS Kaixin Chai(柴凯昕)   October 2022 – Present Undergraduate in Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Xi’an Jiaotong University Interest: SLAM, Motion Planning, Control

Junxiao Lin (林俊晓)

Undergraduate Students Junxiao Lin (林俊晓)   July 2022 – Present Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University Interest: Autonomous Systems

Xuankang Wu(吴选康)

RESEARCH ASSISSTANTS Xuankang Wu(吴选康)   July 2022 – Present Undergraduate in Robot Engineering, Northeastern University Multi-Sensor Fusion, VIO , Motion Planning

Yuhang Zhong(钟宇航)

Undergraduate Students Yuhang Zhong(钟宇航)   July 2022 – Present Undergraduate in Intelligent Science and technology, Nankai University Interest: Motion planning and Tracking

Sheng Zhong(钟声)

Undergraduate Students Sheng Zhong(钟声)   July 2022 – Present Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University